Habemus Ostrea € 12
Three varieties of oysters

The Old Man and the Sea € 10
Gratin grooved razor shell with tomato crumbs, shaded with white wine

The Pureness of the Sea € 12
Mazara (Sicily) red prawn tartare, on black rice with lemon and salicornia

Milk and Smoke € 14
Smoked fish trilogy on the day with cheese: lukewarm tomino cheese and hazelnuts,
smoked burrata cheese and pistachio, buffalo ricotta and black truffle carpaccio

This is not Catalan style! € 12
Striped prawns lightly cooked on fresh tomato essence and red onion

The Savory Sword € 13
Swordfish salad, dried tomatoes and taggiasche olives


Red Island € 16
Spaghetti monograno (just one wheat) Felicetti and Mazara’s red prawns

Origins € 13
Fresh pasta fettuccine, squid julienne, basil, pistachio, pesto and little cubes tomato

Pinsers’ Venus € 14
Black rice and crab cream

Chef is painting € 15
Purple potato gnocchi, mediterranean scallops, zucchini and coral sauce

AstiCerignola € 14
Apulian burrata filled ravioli with lobster ragù

From zero to 900 € 14
Fresh pasta strangozzi with atlantic bonito, mushrooms porcini and tomato

Second Course

Seacret € 20
Pave cut Cobia – black kingfish cooked in its broth and star anise

Salt € 18
Prawns cooked in oven in a sea salt crust

Squids in Rome € 18
Lightly cooked squids, Tuscan cheek pork, pecorino cheese sause and salicornia

Meat becomes fish € 20
Swordfish entrecote in green pepper sauce

Crispy Sea € 18
Gilt-head fillet cooked in oven with an almond crust

White rabbit € 22
Greater amberjack straccetti in cacciatora sauce (vinegar and rosemary)

Side dish € 5
Sandy gratin potatoes
Salted cicory
Scented salad

Dessert € 7
Ricotta mousse with caramelized pears in star anise flavor, chocolate chips and crumble

Variation of chocolate on a crunchy base

Raspberry bar with cranberry icing stuffed with pistachio cream and cocoa shavings

Coffee pan di spagna button glazed with gianduia cream, Lamporecchio leaf and hazelnut meringue on crumble crumbs

Our cannoli 3 little cannoli stuffed with ricotta with chocolate flakes and pistachio